Meet Brittany & Rob

We are Rob, Brittany and Birdie. We have been together for 6 years and married in 2016. Birdie (our dog) joined our family in 2017. We live in a Nashville neighborhood, near downtown. The neighborhood has become an additional part of our family. Our neighborhood is very diverse and always has something different and unique happening! Our friends and community are one of the most important things in our life. The neighbors we have are such a blessing and a day does not pass when we don't see them. Although we don't have a child currently, we have friends and family with children that we love like our own. We spend most of our time, playing with Birdie or cooking dinner with our neighbors. We spend our evenings going on walks in the neighborhood or taking Birdie to the local park.

We were introduced through mutual friends. We waited longer than a lot of our friends to get married, but in doing so, we gained perspective on what's truly important in life. We are both very close with our families, we spend holidays, summer vacations and any chance we get with them.

Brittany is a speech-language pathologist in the public-school system. She enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling to new places. She loves to hike, spend time on the lake and walk Birdie. Brittany loves Christmas, she always drags Rob to look at Christmas lights around Nashville. Looking at lights at Cheekwood has become our annual tradition. We love taking Birdie on hikes or just sitting on the front porch together. We can't wait to add an addition to our family and our Sunday adventures.

Rob lives life largely and enthusiastically! He loves to do anything with family and friends. He loves the outdoors, golf, fishing, and cooking. He loves spending quality time with friends on the golf course or somewhere around Nashville fishing. He cooks almost every night. We have some sort of outdoors adventure every weekend and vacations are centered around the beautiful outdoors! We can hardly wait to share these passions and adventures with our child.

Birdie boy is our 3-year old mini golden doodle. He loves cuddles, treats and fluffy toys. Birdie is wonderful around children. He spends a lot of time with our neighbor's 2-year old son.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We can't pretend to know how difficult this time is for you, while trying to figure out the best future for your child. We do hope that you feel loved and supported throughout this process and we admire you for considering adoption. If you do decide on an adoption plan, we want you to know that we will respect you and the level of openness that you feel comfortable with throughout your child's life. We promise to love, support and provide a safe home to your child. We promise to laugh, have fun, travel and teach your child about being a loving person to all people. We also promise to raise your child in a way that he/she can be proud of their adoption and heritage.