Meet Erica & Matt

We are Matt and Erica, and we live outside of Nashville with our three boys.  When we aren’t at their soccer practices or school activities, we spend most of our time at home, playing in the backyard.  We’ve had the privilege of raising one adopted child and two biological.  After the birth of our third son, we knew that if we added to our family again, it would be through adoption.  We spent time praying and thinking about the possibility of growing our family.  Over the years we have become confident that even though our next steps aren’t fully known, we have the capacity and desire to bring another child into our family.  If we can do that with and through the love and support of parents that have made an adoption plan, then that is what we are called to do.

Our first adoption changed our lives.  We are now a transracial family, and we see the world differently than we did six years ago.  Our adopted son is proud of his African heritage and we love who he is and how our family tree will forever include his ethnicity.  As two white parents, we have had a lot of self-education and a lot of learning from our friends of color who have graciously spoken into us and our son. 

We promise to cherish our new child and raise him or her in our family forever.  But that won’t replace the connection he or she has to their birth family.  Our hope is to have some level of relationship and connection to birth parents and birth family that carries into our child’s adulthood.