Meet Rebecca & Mace

Hello there! We are Rebecca and Mace. We have been together for seven years, five of which we have been married. We live in a great neighborhood in Middle, TN. Our neighbors are so loving and have been a big part of our support system throughout our adoption journey. Everyone house sits for one another when we are out of town, helps with home renovations and yard work. Our neighborhood is growing, and more and more young families are moving in. Our child will have plenty of neighborhood friends to catch lightning bugs with. Our home is always lively; constant sounds of music, family, and friends. We have a close set of friends we see weekly, we have been blessed to watch their little girl grow and hope that our children will be close. Mace and I do almost everything together. We enjoy hiking, camping, cooking and making up silly songs, many of which have been done while cooking together. We travel often to see our parents in East Tennessee; they are all excited to have another grandchild.      

Rebecca enjoys reading and losing herself in her crafts. She has made many beautiful things for our house, friends and family. Mace enjoys mowing our yard, martial arts and our lizards. Together we host our annual Friendsgiving, the occasional cook out and game nights. We spend most of our time in the warmer months on our back deck or in our hammocks. Our nephews visit often and have turned a portion of our deck into a play kitchen where they “cook” leaves, water and acorns. During a typical weekend,  you could find us dancing in the kitchen cooking dinner, in our yard planning a new landscape project or on the living room floor reliving our childhood through old cartoons. We are active in our church, Mace is an usher and teaches a martial arts class on Mondays, Rebecca takes part in a foster/adoptive parent group and is looking to branch out to help with our loving hearts program for special needs children.

Rebecca was born in California, lived in Washington and then Tennessee. Her father was in the Navy and her mother settled in Tennessee near family. Rebecca has a degree in Education Studies and works with special needs children. Mace was born in Texas and his parents moved to Tennessee near his mother’s family. Mace is an Electrical Engineer and works for the city. We met over Facebook, Rebecca mistook him for an old high school friend. We met for dinner in July of 2012 and have been together since. We rely on each other for support and boost each other up when we are feeling down. We have been through so much together from learning of our infertility to taking care of our nieces for almost a year. We never let our infertility stop us form wanting to become a family. We always planned on adoption, so once we learned we could not conceive we knew it was Gods plan for us to adopt all along.

We understand you are trying to make the best decision for your child and we can’t fathom all the emotions you are feeling right now. If you choose to meet us, we hope we can provide you with some peace and comfort in some way. We want you to know how loved your child will be and we will be praying for you and your child along this journey. We would love to get to know you and hope to share this open adoption with you.