Meet Samantha & Ian

Hi there! We’re Ian and Samantha.

Both born in Ohio, Samantha has lived in Nashville for 11 years and Ian has been here for a little over 5. We love this city, especially our fun and diverse little corner in East Nashville. 

There’s so much to look forward to as we add to our little family. Our children will travel the world and take adventures right in our backyard, we’ll listen to lots of music, attend bluegrass festivals and read all the books we loved growing up. Ian’s mom weaves, quilts and sews and Samantha’s great-grandmother was a well-known portrait and still-life artist in New York. Whether they want to explore the arts, work on science projects or play sports like Ian, we will do everything we can to make sure our child has access to whatever interests them.

Becoming parents is something we have been talking about since around the second month we were dating; and more specifically, becoming adoptive parents has always been in our plan. We both come from big, loud, loving families and were raised to know that all people are important and that our differences make us unique and strong. We learn from each other and look forward to continuing to grow as we become parents and then eventually, to the day our children teach us more about our world too.

Thank you for your consideration - we hope to meet you soon.