Meet Rachel & Byron

Rachel and Byron love being parents so much and they wish to add another to their crew. They have a passion for nature and creativity is a part of their daily lives. Rachel and Byron hope to instill a love for Jesus, service to others, and an appreciation for nature into their children. Rachel is a teacher and artist, and Byron works in the tech sphere as a leader and business owner. They spend a lot of time cooking, reading children’s books, setting up the home projector for movie nights, and playing outside. Their home has a big backyard with a street light for late evening summer play. Their next-door neighbors are as close as family and have several young children as well. Rachel and Byron have set roots in a wonderful community / neighborhood in Nashville. 

Their oldest son, Summit (5), loves books and legos. He is silly and a deep thinker. Their youngest, Shepherd (3), is active and sweet. They are also parents to the most loyal old Catahoula Leopard dog, Dakota (8). Byron spends early mornings and weekend-nap times working out and being active. Rachel likes to craft and paint for fun, but also enjoys baking and spending time with her big extended family who mainly lives in the Nashville area. They have always wanted children and always dreamed of adoption since they were dating. Rachel did not deal with infertility, but can no longer have biological children. 

Rachel thinks Byron is clever, funny, resourceful, hardworking, and kind. Byron thinks Rachel is compassionate, creative, present, and resilient. The couple met at a bible study right after they had just finished college, and their friendship grew through years of playing ultimate frisbee together. Rachel noticed Byron's servant heart and Byron noticed Rachel's ability to compete with all the men on the field.

Rachel went to Lipscomb University and Byron went to Western Kentucky University. Rachel has received her Masters in Education. Rachel and Byron have been married and living in Nashville for close to 10 years. Rachel is a Nashville native and Byron’s family is from sunny Tampa, Florida. It took Rachel years to get Byron to wear closed-toed shoes in the Tennessee winters. She reports that his thong sandals now stay packed away until May and his community here is vaster than hers because of his love of connecting with people. They feel there is always more room and more love in hearts that are anchored in Jesus. They hope to not only gain the love for a child but new family through an open adoption.