Meet Joanna & Bobby

Hi there from Bobby and Joanna! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about who we are. We’ve been together for 12 years and married for 10 of those. We met in college in Florida, moved to Texas after graduation, and have been in Nashville for the last six years. We immediately fell in love with Nashville’s community atmosphere and the seasons (Texas and Florida offer very little variety in that last area!).

We have an adorable dog named Brody, who lives for playing fetch! He is a 5 year-old Australian Shepherd. He loves everyone, is only a little spoiled, and is one very happy pup.

We enjoy breakfast dates, coffee, watching dirt bike races and college football, spending time with our friends and family, and playing board games.

In free time, Joanna has a side business creating and selling her artwork, and loves all things crafting. Bobby goes for rides on his motorcycle and is a grill-master! We enjoy visiting family through the year, which almost always includes trips to the beach and board games. We deeply cherish family time, especially since we live a good distance from them.

We share a deep love for Christ and people. Joanna grew up a pastor’s kid, and Bobby was very involved in his church growing up. We’ve been ministering to teens and kids for over 10 years. Bobby has been a full-time pastor since we graduated from college. Joanna has worked in a variety of settings related to her psychology background. We view ministry, similar to our marriage, as a team effort. We love loving others side-by-side, and our church family is family to us.

Adoption has been a longing in each of our hearts long before we even met! It’s always been our dream to grow our family through adoption. We have been on a journey of infertility for nearly seven years. Through this time we have learned so much more about God, each other, and loving others. It has deepened our love for and understanding of one another, and strengthened our hope for a sweet little one to love. We trust in God’s timing for our family and are thankful for His continued guidance and grace.

We would be honored to be considered as parents to your precious little one. We understand that this is a very complex emotional experience but hope you know that you are deeply loved and cherished, and you are in our prayers daily.