Meet Emily & Ben

We are Ben and Emily and have been married since July 2008. We live in the small town just south of Nashville. We joke that Ben wanted cows in the backyard and Emily wanted sidewalks and a pool, so we compromised for a small town in a neighborhood with community amenities. When touring the neighborhood before purchasing our home, Ben jokingly accused Emily of placing actors around the neighborhood, since it was a picture-perfect Saturday, with kids and parents playing in the yard, families walking the dog, and even a dad pulling a wagon with his small daughter in tow. Ben quickly found out that they weren’t actors, but the people that would become our neighbors. We’ve quickly grown to know several of them really well, attending Halloween parties, neighborhood activities, our church small group, and daily conversations as the kids play together, we get the mail, or take our daily walk. 

We met several years before we began dating. When we started dating, we quickly knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. 17 months after our first date, we said “I Do” before 35 of our friends and family on the beach in Seaside, FL. Most of our vacations and memories are on that beach, and we cannot wait to share our special place with our newest addition! While we have very different personalities, we agree on our core values: faith, family and love. 

In November of 2017, we had the call that changed our lives forever. We were informed that a birth family had chosen us to parent their daughter and she was being born in 30+ hours! It was an insanely busy, exciting and emotional time, but we truly believe we are the luckiest people in the world! We adore our daughter, Lilly Kate, and have an amazing, open relationship with our birth family. Knowing how much love we have for Lilly Kate makes us so excited to potentially add another child to our family! In our home, we also have two dogs: a silly and deaf Springer Spaniel that plays with rocks and the sweetest black Lab/Golden Retriever mix that is spoiled more than any person we know. They have been so good, loving and patient with Lilly Kate and she adores them. We love SEC football (Go Vols!), going on vacations, and spending quality time together. In the winter, we hunker down on the sofa with the dogs and pick a series on Netflix to go through. During the rest of the year, we take the dogs for walks, go to the river, cook out, have game night, go to dinner with friends, or find something new we’ve never done before. Now that Lilly Kate is active, we spend a lot more time outdoors, at playgrounds, going on play dates, and reading tons of books! We aren’t perfect by any means, and have been through rough times, but we always hold firm to our faith and know that if God brings us to it, He will bring us through it. When things get hard, we realize that love is a choice and we’ve always chosen love. 

Ben is a self-proclaimed “geek” and has turned this passion into a successful career. He currently works as a premier field engineer for Microsoft. He has a kind heart and aims to please others. He is a gentleman, always opens the door for Emily (or others), and always has a fresh batch of cookies waiting when he knows Emily is coming home with a friend or visitor. Ben has a corny sense of humor (aka Dad jokes!) and loves learning about science and history. He’s so curious about how things work, and can often be found taking something apart to see the inner workings. He loves scary movies, but waits until Emily and Lilly Kate are not around before doing so! As a dad, Ben can likely be found finding new music to share with Lilly Kate, modifying her toys to make them “better,” carrying her around on his shoulders, dancing with her after dinner, or showing her how something works. 

Emily is a now a stay at home mom, but was a second-grade teacher at a private school for children with learning differences until the day we got the call. She loves giving her time and attention to those who need it, whether it’s children, adults or animals. She is loving, patient and kind to those around her. She is very motivated and organized, but is also loves having fun and has a sarcastic sense of humor. She is a true southern girl, and enjoys reading, going to the beach, baking, decorating, making things for the house (DIY-expert), exercising, spending time with the dogs, and being with friends and family. Emily loves game night, romantic comedies and anything related to Christmas. As a mom, Emily spends all day attending Lilly Kate’s needs - whether emotional, educational, or physical. Play dates, time at the zoo, park, pool, or splash pad, daily walks, story time and cuddles are some of her favorite things to do with Lilly Kate. Watching her learn, grow and develop have been the best days!

From a very early age, Emily knew adoption was her plan. Several years after getting married, we decided to try on our own for a bit. When that was unsuccessful, the obvious plan for us was adoption. We have always wanted a family and dreamed of what our kids would be like. As each year passed, we became more and more eager to become parents. We have prayed for our family for years and know that this is the journey God has planned for us. To us, a family is not based on a blood relationship, but instead, on the love we have to give our child.

We are so grateful for you and know that your decision is not being made lightly. We have the utmost respect for you and this selfless act that you are doing, even thought we know that it comes with tremendous pain and grief. Thank you so much for choosing life and for considering us to become parents. Please let us know if you would like any more information or would like to meet. We welcome openness in each stage of this process, but we respect your privacy as well. We have prayed for you and this baby for the last several years. You will continue to be in our daily prayers as you make your decision and throughout each phase of your life. 

With much love, 

Ben and Emily