Meet Rebecca & Alex

Hi! We are Alex & Rebecca, and we really appreciate you taking time to read about our little family. As parents we understand you cannot imagine loving anyone more than your baby, and we are incredibly humbled and amazed at what you are doing in making this choice for your child.  We hope this bio about us helps you envision what life looks like in our home.

We are both 32 and have been married 11 years. We have a 4 year-old daughter named Rosalind. Adoption has always been a part of our family plan. Before we got pregnant with Rosalind we were starting the adoption path, but her arrival postponed it a bit. Rosalind was born with a congenital heart defect and has been a trooper through 2 open heart surgeries (today, by God’s grace, she is totally healthy). We thought about you while going through those long days at the beginning, and prayed for you, as we know right now you too feel a lot of uncertainty and loss in the midst of still moving forward with your plans. We are trusting that God will be meeting you in the strange, sweet ways He met us. We hope that our family can be part of His answered prayers for you. We want you to know that we will love your baby as dearly as we love Rosalind, and there is nothing on this earth that we adore more than our kiddo.

At our house there is always a lot going on; we are self-employed business owners and have the unique opportunity to work from home with schedules that allow a lot of quality time as a family. In addition to both being at home during the day, we are blessed to have Rebecca’s parents living across the street, and her aunt around the corner!

We share our home with 3 dogs (Hector, Bryg, & Pallas) and 2 parrots (Spencer & Izzy). The dogs are big babies that love human babies (we are always kicking them out of Rosalind’s bed at night), and the birds, while less cuddly, are still fun! We enjoy family time going to the zoo, pool, playing games, and spending time with our close community of friends & family, many of whom live within in walking distance. Rebecca is a runner, writer, and loves coming up with adventures for her and Rosalind to enjoy together. Alex, also a runner, is the cook (he makes a mean French toast), board game expert, and hands on dad. Between a group of close neighbors, and friends from our church, we have a rich life. Our pastor is adopted, and everyone in our church community is so excited about our adoption journey. Not a week goes by without someone asking if we have any updates, so know your baby will be loved not only by our family, but is widely anticipated by so many!

We have shared a larger profile with Miriam’s Promise so you can read more about our individual stories, but we hope this gives you a glimpse into what our life is like. Thank you for reading this, and your unconditional love for your baby. Your story is a brave one that will never be forgotten by us.



Alex & Rebecca