This is the Season of Advent — the season of preparation and anticipation as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Just as we wait in anxious wonder of His coming, the expectant mothers and families we serve at Miriam’s Promise each experience their own seasons of wait and preparation. We prepare for the birth of each baby in the best way we know how, but there is no real way for us to know what will happen in each family’s story.

Throughout the Old Testament, there are countless narratives of God’s people living in anxious wait of Emmanuel, the coming Messiah. Although God’s people prepared for His coming one day, there was no real way for them to know how radically His presence would change their lives.

As you consider how you would like to continue supporting our work with a year end gift, we want to invite you into an Advent Season devotional series written by the families and supporters of Miriam’s Promise.

Each devotional will share another story about the seasons of preparation and anticipation our staff, board, birth mothers, and adoptive families have experienced this year, and how these stories have brought us face to face with Christ over and over again.

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