Meet Scott & Sarah

We are grateful and humbled that you are reading our profile as you make this very important decision. No matter what situation you find yourself in, know that to us, you are precious. We are touched by your selflessness and love for your child. Even though you may or may not feel like it, you are strong and courageous and we admire that in you.

We appreciate the time you are taking to learn a bit about us. We have lived in Nashville together since 2010. After Scott started graduate school at Vanderbilt and Sarah relocated from Lexington, Kentucky to finish her graduate degree at Vanderbilt, we moved into our first apartment, got engaged while watching an episode of “Friends” (on our couch in our pajamas) and were married at our church in Nashville in 2012. We were both seeking to marry a strong person of faith who was: genuine and compassionate towards the needs of others; a person who valued family and education; curious and constantly learning; willing to be fun and silly without pause; and enjoyed life as an adventure. And we found that in each other! We’ve always approached our relationship as a team - each bringing their own strengths to compliment the other. Scott likes to sleep in and stay up late; Sarah rises before the sun and falls asleep early. Scott is quiet and reserved until he gets to know you; Sarah is very outgoing and has never met a stranger; Scott focuses on the day-to-day plans while Sarah is a dreamer thinking about the big picture. As far as hobbies, we love to travel, be outdoors with our sweet dog, watch Netflix and explore our city! Food and coffee are also major parts of our life - for the past 5 years we spend each Friday morning on a breakfast date, usually at our favorite coffee shop. 

We bought our house in 2014 when Sarah finished graduate school and made our choice with a family in mind. Kids have always been a part of our lives and being parents is something that we aspire to be. At different times we worked in church nurseries, Sunday school classes, summer camps, or aftercare from middle-school age and continue to spend a large part of our life together in ministry working with our youth group at church. We love every one of our students as if they were our own and it has been so sweet to watch them mature into awesome young adults. From overnight lock-ins to week-long summer camp, Scott is usually driving the mini-bus and Sarah is usually passing out snacks, collecting trash and being entertained by the students’ crazy and weird stories. We started our journey to parenthood several years ago and it became clear that that we were being called to adopt. We look forward to the next adventure of being called “mom” and “dad” while singing songs in the car, sitting down at family dinners, working on homework at the kitchen table, reading books at bedtime and providing the opportunity for exploration!

While we don’t know one another personally, yet, we look forward to spending time together and learning more about you. What we can tell so far is that you are an incredible person!


Scott & Sarah