Meet Larkin & Kati

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We have a great amount of respect and admiration for your courageous and loving decision to pursue an adoption plan for your child.  We are excited to be on this path and grateful to have found Miriam’s Promise to be our guide.  Here is a little bit about who we are as a couple and family. 

Larkin and I met through our professional paths, while both working alcohol & drug treatment centers in TN. In the fall of 2007, one of my (Kati’s) client’s asked me to continue doing the family counseling with their son who was transitioning from the center where I worked, to a Spiritual Retreat where Larkin was working as a counselor. 

We worked together as peers for a few months, guiding this family’s healing process.  After the final meeting with them, we ended up having lunch alone together and found ourselves laughing in a restaurant for 5 hours!  We both knew then that there was something between us.  We continued to find ourselves at events with mutual friends & started officially dating in the spring of 2008.  After about 6 months, our real adventures began while traveling with Larkin’s parents in Costa Rica, we were engaged on Larkin’s 40th B-day!

We married 6 months later, at my home church in Nashville, Westminster Presbyterian Church.  We had a fabulous time with many friends and our nephews in the wedding; and then a reception at Hillwood Country Club—full of friends and family with both a classical string band an awesome bluegrass band—Lots of dancing for all!

We have had an amazing 7 years full of fun travel, loving family and friends, and some significant challenges that have brought us closer together!  Infertility was probably one of the hardest challenges either of us has faced.  After numerous procedures and miscarriages, we came to realize that parenting, rather than pregnancy, is what is most important for us. 

Because Larkin was adopted, we had planned on adopting our second child all along. So, once we accepted my inability to carry a child to term, pursuing adoption was a natural direction.  We chose Miriam’s Promise because of their intimate size & intentional mission.  We appreciated their focus on both birth parents & adoptive parents being educated and supported in the complexities of this life changing difficult decision, pursuing an open adoption plan.  We hope to work closely with you to create a level of openness that will allow you and the child to feel connected to their biological heritage.

We are very blessed to have our maturity and life experience continually proving that God’s plan has its own schedule. Because we married later in life, we had more independence developing security in our spiritual, relational and financial lives, which we believe God has used to double the strength in our marriage!  We have close loving relationships with both of our families. We each have secure careers with flexible schedules, and our independent passions have become mutual sources for excitement, challenge, and fun adventures!

We are both convinced we will be loving and patient parents, and are eager to see the world through the eyes of a child.  We would be honored to meet you if you choose to give us the opportunity.  We completely trust that the Universe has a plan for us to become parents and create a safe, loving and open family.  We invite you to join us and we welcome your company on this adventure!