Meet Jim & Rachel

Hi. We’re Jim and Rachel and we’re ecstatic that you’re interested in learning more about us. But we also know that as ecstatic as we are you are feeling something totally different. We know the decision you’ve made wasn’t easy. You love your baby and the fact that you would consider us to love and raise that baby as our own is an honor. Your sacrifice is the ultimate act of love and we’ll make sure your child knows this every day.

We met in 2003 at a song writing session on music row. As Jim likes to say “I knew I was going to marry Rachel as soon as I opened the door and saw her.” Rachel was just as taken with Jim. “Up until then I’d never meet someone as equally passionate about music.” We were a natural duo from the beginning with Jim ripping up the guitar and Rachel singing right beside him. After awhile our shared passion of music grew into a shared passion for each other built on a solid friendship of four years. That friendship is why our relationship is so strong. When it comes down to it Jim and I are buddies. We enjoy each other’s company whether it’s playing music, writing, riding bikes, playing tennis, quoting our favorite movies or watching football.

Jim went to Berklee College of Music on a guitar scholarship and started his own music studio which he has run successfully for almost fifteen years. Rachel went to Auburn University and CSU finishing with a B.A. of Fine Arts. She worked for Cumming Signs as a graphic designer for two years before being laid off when the recession hit. It was during this time that Jim supported Rachel emotionally letting her know they would be ok. He quickly decided it was the best thing to ever happen because Rachel could work with him. She did and eight years later they’re going strong not just as life partners but business partners as well. We’re literally together 24/7 between work and home and while some of our friends don’t know how we do it (I think I would kill my husband one friend jokes) we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With our relationship and business growing and prospering we were ready to start our own family. We tried for almost three years before we decided we should seek medical help. When fertility tests revealed nothing physically wrong with either one of us our disappointment and sorrow became even deeper. It would have been better if there was something wrong then we could have accepted it and moved on. So it took awhile. It took talks and crying and space but we got to the place where we knew we might not have a child with Jim’s brown eyes or Rachel’s curly hair but somewhere out there was a child for us. A child we could love and share our selves with.

Jim looks forward to teaching our child to play guitar, ride a bike, play catch and learn how to run their own business. Rachel looks forward to reading bedtime stories, playing basketball, cuddling, and coloring. We want to show our child they can be anything they want to be and give them the support, structure and room to grow into the awesome person they will become. We look forward to sharing this awesome person with you though letters, pictures or family get-togethers.

Thank you for reading this and getting to know us better. We hope we get to know you better too!

Love, Jim and Rachel