Meet Clint and Bryce

We are so grateful for you. We know we are on different paths but are thankful for the hope that our paths will be connected. Thank you for the decisions you have made. We truly know there is not greater love than the decision you are making, and pray you feel peace each day. It is humbling that our lives will come together and we are blessed at the gift to become parents.

We are Clint and Bryce and we both were born and raised right here in Nashville, TN. With both sides of our families living in Nashville, this will always be home. We currently have been married now for over 6 years and through the ups and downs we have encountered, we are thankful to have each other. We have definitely grown closer during these times and have found nothing but positives in some of life’s most trying situations. Miriam’s Promise has opened the door for us and comforted us with the fact that, on this road, we will not walk alone.

We will be the first to admit we are nowhere near perfect, but together complement each other perfectly. Bryce is very outgoing, talkative person, whereas Clint, when you first meet him is shy and quiet. Bryce serves as an administrative assistant in the church she grew up in, and she and Clint also volunteer as teachers on Sundays in their Preschool Ministry. Clint is a shipping/receiving coordinator at an auto parts distribution center just outside Nashville. Bryce loves to read and is in a book club with some of her girlfriends, at times we end up talking more about life than the actual book we have read. We love getting together with our friends and their kiddos. Whether it’s the nights the girls are at book club and the guys are going out for wings, or just all of us being together at someone’s house. Another enjoyment for Bryce is cooking and baking, some of my favorite recipes are those from the women in my family that have been passed down. The lucky part is Clint enjoys being in the kitchen just as much, which Bryce is happy to hand off some nights! Clint can be found hitting up the vinyl stores around Nashville adding to his collection of records from all ages and genres. Another shout out Clint would have to make is his love for the Nashville Predators…Go Preds! With all the family nearby, we always take advantage of it, spending time with them on any occasion and holidays. We are blessed beyond measure to have the encouragement and support through our faith, family and friends.

Hopefully this has given you a glimpse of who we are, and in time, we hope to get to know you!

Bryce and Clint