Post-Adoption Services

Some might consider adoption an “end.” We see it as only the beginning.

At Miriam’s Promise, we offer a variety of post-adoption services for birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees. In addition to child placement services, our counseling and support includes a variety of special small groups. For further information on any of those listed below, call (615)292-3500 or fill out a contact form.  

Adoption 301: Older-Child adoption education

Children adopted at an older age may have experienced trauma. They may need special help in forming attachments to their adoptive families, and the adoptive parents may need support from others who understand their unique struggles and challenges. Miriam’s Promise offers periodic training for families who are either considering adopting an older child, or already have a child through adoption in their home as well as individual counseling for families.

Birth parent support group

There are different events scheduled throughout the year.  Please contact us for more information.