Adoption Resources

Adoption can be an expensive process.  Listed below are some preferred vendors to help you fundraise

Ordinary Hero – 40% of sales go towards your adoption.  They deposit directly to your adoption agency and hold monthly contests for an additional $500 grant. We have had at least 3 Miriam’s Promise international families receive grants from them through the international program.  They also let you fundraise for mission trips as well.  
Just Love Coffee – They send you a check directly and you must file as income with IRS (forms on website).  For each bag of coffee you sell on your storefront site you receive $5 a bag from them to go towards your adoption.

 147 Million Orphans – They allow you to either purchase items in bulk and the family sells them on their own.  OR you can work with them to help sell things and 147 Million Orphans will send a check to the adoption agency based on the sales that you have for your account. 
We have also had families in domestic and international programs receive adoption grants through the Show Hope organization.  


Resources about adoption cam be found at Empowered to Connect.