International Adoption

Perhaps you’re interested in adopting a child from another country. Perhaps you even have a country in mind. At Miriam’s Promise, we find that many families seeking international adoption already have researched country criteria and adoption options. Regardless of where you are in the international adoption process, we can help.  Recently, Miriam's Promsie was granted accreditation through COA as a Hague Accreditated agency. 

We are a not-for-profit, licensed child-placing agency in Middle Tennessee, and we partner with experienced placing agencies located across the United States who are working abroad. These placing agencies depend on us to provide adoption education, training, home studies and post-placement services to potential adoptive families. You can learn more about the international adoption process through the U.S. Department of State

Parents in Process and Support Groups

Miriam’s Promise provides a required 12-hour training program for potential adoptive families called “Parents in Process.” Offered several times a year, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about issues adoptive parents and internationally adopted children often face. The curriculum is Hague compliant training, designed by Holt International Children's Service's Inc., and provides information on such topics as the history of adoption, grief and loss issues, attachment concerns, trans-cultural/trans-racial adoption, talking to your child about adoption and the adoption of older and/or special needs children. 

Several support groups for adoptive parents and their children take place throughout Middle Tennessee. In many cases, support groups involve families who have adopted children from the same country. Miriam’s Promise can help you get connected.

International adoption home study

Miriam’s Promise is authorized to complete home studies for international adoption that meet the requirements of the U.S. Department of State. The process begins with an appointment with a international adoption counselor, followed by paperwork, interviews at the Miriam’s Promise offices and a visit to your home. Home study documents are submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for approval. In addition, prospective adoptive families must apply to the USCIS by filling out an orphan petition (called an I-600A fo a non-Hague country or I-800A if choosing to adopt from a Hague country).  Once approved, Miriam’s Promise can help you complete the process with your country of choice. 

Post-placement services

Requirements for post-placement reports vary according to country, but usually include three to four visits. These visits offer a wonderful opportunity for Miriam’s Promise to let the country of origin know of your child’s progress. They also provide a chance to discuss any issues or concerns as well as joys related to your new son or daughter. Miriam’s Promise requires a visit wihtin the first 30 days of arrival home, in addition to the country of origins post placement schedule.