Our Core Values

 Along with our mission to ensure the well-being of the child by nurturing individuals and families, we look to these core values to guide all that we do.

Permanency for children

We know that to make healthy attachments, children must feel safe and cared for consistently.

Family nurturing

We take a holistic approach to the family unit and don’t focus on only one member of the adoption triad. 

Respect for individuals and choices

It is not our job to force anyone to do anything they do not want to do. If an expectant parent chooses to make an adoption plan, we support them. If an expectant parent chooses to parent their child, we support them. 


Our hope is to always assess the expressed needs of the community and then engage in ways that are helpful and hopeful.

Diversity, equity, & inclusion

Miriam’s Promise is committed to welcoming and affirming all voices and perspectives throughout our organization. All humans, regardless of color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, or different abilities are valued. We know that only through diversity, equity, and inclusion will we reach our full potential.

Faith in God

It is through our faith that we, as an organization, can continue to enable our clients to create family situtations that are best for them.