Our Promise:

to ensure the well-being of the child by nurturing individuals and families.


International Adoption Webinar


Exploring the world of adoption! Please join Miriam's Promise and Children's Home/Lutheran Social Service of MN as we share about children who need families in Asia and Latin America. How old are they? How long does adoption take? How much does the process cost? We will answer these questions and more!








A Baby… A Child… For some, the very idea stirs deep feelings of longing. For others, the reality strikes anxiety and concern.

Miriam’s Promise stands in the gap, building bridges through crisis pregnancy counseling and child placement services.   We offer  assistance for domestic,  international and  independent adoption,  as well as post-placement services.

For over 30 years, our caring, non-judgmental staff has worked with birth parents, adoptive families and children across Middle Tennessee, seeking solutions for all.

We invite you to learn more about your options. Whatever it is you’re facing—the longing for a child or the fear that you won’t be able to parent one—we can help.